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The audience is caught up in an extremely intense investigation with dramatic scenes and gun battles. The audience was pulled into a jumble from the beginning, unable to distinguish between good and bad, who really is for the people to serve, who is the "dirty cop" with indigo, and who is trained from an early age to become a true insider in the ranks of the Hong Kong police.

The content of the movie is built extremely closely and logically, linked with each smallest detail to give the audience an overall picture of the police force of the aromatic port country. Combined with that are the films about brotherhood built extremely skillfully, true nature of macho man even though the events occur too much for each person but when recognizing each other without a complaint , instead they can still be like 30 years ago using their lives to protect the other.

The more the rhythm of the movie later became more tense, the more dramatic the twists that made the audience bewildered. That's why when watching movies the audience needs to be very focused, so that they do not miss the interesting and intellectual clues that the film director brings.

Insider Mission 2

[Review] Insider Mission 2 - Add an outstanding work of Co Thien Lac

First of all, I need to tell you that Insider Mission 2 is built with something completely different from Part 1. So if you haven't seen the first part of this series, there's no need to worry. I don't understand all the details in the movie. Moreover, the film deals with child abduction, so the level of appeal and drama of the film is pushed to the climax, engaging the audience from the beginning until the end of the film.

The battle broke the stress and brotherhood
The film begins with peaceful images at an orphanage where there are two extremely intelligent and extremely close children. The incident happened when both children were attacked by kidnappers and they took one child away. More than 30 years after the children have grown up, each with their own identity and mission, fate has brought them together to break a line of kidnapping and trafficking in children. cross-country.

Insider Mission 2 takes the case of a kidnapping line at its center, revolving around the story of a friend who takes care of the pain of losing a best friend 30 years ago and a person who has the same fate. special that cannot easily be told.

Actors and actors
Insider Mission 2 has the presence of three veteran Hong Kong movie stars: Co Thien Lac, Truong Gia Huy and Ngo Tran Vu. This trio is the childhood of both generations of 8x and 9x, also the movie walls of the fragrant port country, especially the "Duong Qua" Co Thien Lac. Therefore, the acting of the cast has no evaluation. Even the acting and the combination of the trio go beyond the director's expectations. From the action scenes or moments that show the complex psychology of the characters, they are handled neatly and excellently.

However, due to age restrictions, the action scenes of the cast in the film cannot be compared with other young actors. But it is the experience of the men who have gone through life, helping the role and the movie Insect Mission 2 become better.

Sound and image
Like the Anti-Corruption Team 4, the Internal Affairs 2 mission has a part of the visuals and visual effects that are not taken care of too smoothly. All the action and special effects in the film are only easy to see, many situations are still a bit virtual but the footage is still very nice and impressive.

Sound also contributes significantly to the success of the film with gun scenes, bombs exploding or realistic fight scenes. The sound of bullets flying, gunshots, footsteps of the gaur squad ... were handled impressively.

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